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Top tactics used by the best private investigators

Private investigators have a tough job. Often they must follow members of the public without looking suspicious or getting caught. The most two common reasons private investigators are hired are to catch someone out on an insurance claim for injuries, or to find out whether someone is cheating on their spouse. Whatever the reason for the undercover operation, here are some of the top tactics private investigators use to discover the dirty secrets of people going about their bad habits.

Mini-vans are the vehicle of choice

Mini-vans are perfect for surveillance because investigators can sit in the back of the vehicle and look through tinted glass to check up on the person they’re monitoring. The mini-vans also allow them to carry their surveillance equipment without being noticed.

The little signs stand out

Private investigators can often spot little telling signs that other people would otherwise not notice. For example, they can see that if a car is missing dew on its vehicle then it might have been moved throughout the night.

The art of tailing

If you hire an expert private investigator then they will have strong tactical tailing expertise. They should be able to follow a car without getting noticed or losing sight of the vehicle. For instance, if the car they are tailing stops outside a home, the private investigator might continue driving to a nearby driveway and park there, looking as if they live at that address. They’ll do all this without losing sight of the person they are tailing.

Verification of who lives in a home

The best private investigators will be able to suss out how many people live in a house and what their names are, without breaking the law.

One tactic used to do this is to verify a name and address by spotting letters that are hanging out of a mailbox. By reading these details, without rummaging through the letterbox, the private investigator isn’t breaking any laws.

By counting and keeping track on the numbers on an electric meter, a private investigator will also be able to figure out how many people are living in, or staying at, a certain home.

A good private investigator will even be able to estimate the height of someone quite accurately. One tactic used to do this is comparing the person’s height to a vehicle they get into, or out of.

Detailed note takers

The best private investigators aren’t just extremely vigilant, they are also perfectionists when it comes to note taking. Using a laptop, pen and paper or even a voice recorder, good private investigators take down license plate numbers, information about vehicle movements, as well as notes about when people turn up at certain addresses.

Tactically, top private investigators will ensure their notes are accurate as they may be called to give evidence in court.

These are just some of the many top tactics the best private investigators in the business use when working on a case. Many of the tactics used end in a result where the client gets the answers they are seeking. Do you have any top tactics to share?

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