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If you feel that your privacy has been compromised, then it’s important to use a professional bug sweeping and TSCM service to rid your premises of any devices and to give you back your peace of mind.
There are many ways in which you may be bugged, and with the proliferation of wireless technology, it’s never been easier for our private lives to be intruded upon.
With more than 10 years of experience in various investigative roles for government and corporate entities, Vic Covert Investigations is well placed to find and deactivate all devices that may have been placed to compromise your private life or sensitive information, whether it be in your home, office, car or any personal devices.
Vic Covert Investigations is highly experienced in detecting bug equipment of all kinds, including hidden cameras and listening devices, sophisticated electronic devices and wireless technologies.
Vic Covert Investigations operates in a confidential and highly professional manner, and listens to our clients’ needs.
Carefully planned and executed physical inspections of all key areas to detect hidden dead, dormant and remotely cabled surveillance devices


Our Professional Bug Sweeping Methods

Known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (or TSCM), our industry professionals undertake thorough, carefully planned, physical & electronic searches throughout all relevant target areas to detect operating, hidden, dead, remotely cabled and dormant devices placed for the purposes of covert activities or spying.
We conduct the following methods to ensure any concealed equipment is detected:

  • Ultra-wideband radio spectrum sweeps to detect covert wireless audio and video surveillance devices.
  • Monitoring and analysis of mains power to detect concealed Current Carrier Devices.
  • Telephone line and system inspection and analysis. (We hold Mandatory Australian Communications & Media Authority License).
  • Building cabling inspection and analysis by experienced bug sweeping professionals.
  • Infrared energy detection inspections of a building’s perimeter.
  • Acoustic leakage detection and remedial advice

Our Inspection

We inspect all areas that are deemed to be a possible risk. The building structure, ceiling, floor cavities, building cabling, furniture and fittings undergo close scrutiny to ensure any bugs are detected.
The electronic scan aspect of the task searches a huge radio bandwidth (10 KHz – 25 GHz) to detect any localised radio transmissions. All areas of the target premises will be swept with our wide band wireless signal detector equipment to ensure a clean bill of health.
On completion of the assignment, we’ll give you a full and comprehensive report outlining works completed and the outcome. If we do encounter any issues or detect any weaknesses in security during the sweep, we’ll note them and suggest suitable remedies.


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Vic Covert Investigations is a highly efficient and very professional group of investigators. I have engaged a number of private detectives in the past 3 years before engaging Jesse S. I have wasted a large amount of money on them without receiving any positive results. A couple of them were dishonest too. On one occasion I approached VCI only an hour before I needed their service and the team was immediately ready for the action. I would recommend VCI to anyone who needs private investigation.

Rina Singh

Given that this was the first time I’d approached a PI, Jesse S was very straight forward and understood what I had to achieve. I found this very comforting knowing I was leaving a very serious issue to a professional that did not waste my time. His experienced advice along the way was useful in understanding that we had captured enough data to get both myself and my company a great result. I would definitely recommend VICCOVERT and Jesse S to anyone requiring this type of service.

Business Owner

I engaged Vic Covert Investigations to locate an old friend from High school that I hadn’t seen for 25 years. With minimal information, they were able to locate and provide contact details very promptly and with excellent detail. I am highly satisfied with their service and would recommend them to anyone looking to engage a private investigator.

Jason R

Jesse has become a friend of mine after meeting many years ago now and he’s been a great help in continuing to keep my business profitable during a period in which staff theft & bad business decisions became an issue. He helped sort out my CCTV network and even went undercover for me which has ended up being invaluable. Adding to this he has kept in touch to ensure that the issue was sorted. I’m continually impressed with his manner and efficiency.

Retail Shop Owner, Chapel St, Windsor

I have used Vic Covert Investigations on many occasions for assistance with both business & personal issues. I have always found his work to be thorough, discreet and professional and happily recommend him to others.

St Kilda Resident

Vic Covert Investigations has provided us covert surveillance over the past 8 years in a variety of states in Australia. Jesse is reliable, resourceful and has a great common sense approach to gathering evidence. With an eye for detail his reports are through and provides quality footage with date and time stamps

General Manager
Qld Covert Investigations

Vic Covert Investigations was able to identify staff theft within the business outside of my internal security infrastructure. This information was in turn used to terminate the employment of the individuals involved allowing me to replace them with efficient and responsible staff members and management.

Senior Manager
Fridays Nightclub Brisbane

I approached Jesse S regarding a very sensitive matter. After a lot of work and diligence on his behalf, I was able to acquire the information I desired allowing me to make informed decisions moving forward. His knowledge of the industry was exceptional and I have no problems recommending him to potential clients.

Frank Ferro
Ferro Arch Architects